Proyecto realizado

Se crea una web corporativa muy visual centrada en los 4 productos iniciales con los que trabajan.

A la web le hemos incorporado una plataforma de comercio electrónico por el cual ofrecen los productos tanto a cliente final como a comercios con distintas tarifas.

As the powder enters your nose, some of it can get in your eyes. Positive effects continued up to 16 weeks. In general, Medicare covers a drug used in the outpatient setting if it is not usually self-administered and its use is reasonable and necessary for treatment of the patient’s condition Median time to CR in defibrotide-treated patients with CR was 34.

Tymlos dosage The Tymlos dosage your doctor will prescribe is typically 80 micrograms (mcg) per day. You may have a higher risk of seizures if you use certain other medicines while taking Aplenzin. Following the first dose of study drug, improvement with each dose of esketamine occurred within two hours, and response at 24 hours after the infusion occurred in more patients treated with esketamine 0 Viagra genérico online no Rio de Janeiro. More specifically, atazanavir is a structural analog of the transition state during which the bond between a phenylalanine and proline is broken.

Are taking other medicines, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Ask your care team if you are able to floss, and if you are, floss gently once a day. Do not put it into the eyes or nose, and do not take it by mouth Ici. The sulfate conjugate has a half-life of 7.

Se crearon los perfiles de las siguientes redes sociales, Facebook, Twitter, e Instagram.

Para el programa de facturación trabajamos con nuestro ERP bastante ligero y con todas las funcionalidades solicitadas de control de producción, stock, lotes y trazabilidad además se ofreció un portal para sus clientes para que pudieran ver y descargar sus facturas y realizar pagos online.

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